Legal College Football Gambling

NCAA logoIn the United States, football is king, with NCAAF rivaling the NFL in overall popularity. Legal sports gambling is available in every state across the country, and the following guidelines reveal the best avenues for making it happen no matter where you’re standing in the USA.

This primer explains the difference between offshore and domestic college football sportsbooks and how to bet on each type of NCAA Football odds. We also divulge the best options for depositing and getting paid quickly, as well as other frequently asked questions related to legal college football betting.

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    Is It Legal To Bet On College Football?

    legal iconYes. There are in-person, online, and mobile opportunities for legal NCAAF, NFL, and Super Bowl betting in the USA. College football gambling sites and apps are regulated in several US states and are available through offshore operators nationwide.

    Domestic sportsbook sites can only be used inside the state that they are regulated in, and players must meet the local minimum gambling age to use them. The sites we recommend for legal online football betting cover the entire country.

    Because offshore gambling sites are not subject to federal or state laws, they can accept members in the USA and allow them to bet on College Football odds over the net without anyone getting into trouble. The brands we list here are reputable and operate legally with licensed credentials inside recognized gaming districts.

    How To Bet On College Football

    The following sections are dedicated to the most popular college football bets found at the legal online sportsbooks we mention in this guide. These popular types of NCAAF bets are detailed below. We also have a dedicated guide for our readers who like to gamble on the NFL.

    NCAA Football gambling lines are made up of three elements – a point spread, odds for the winner of the game (aka moneyline odds), and the over/under (aka totals betting). These three NCAAF betting line components are detailed in the next three sections.

    NCAA Football spread bets involve wagering on teams that have been handicapped for an even gambling matchup. Favored teams will have negative spreads and must win by more than the number to cover. Underdog teams will be given a positive point spread and must lose by less than the number to cover. The bet is a push if the spread is correct.

    Betting on the college football team that will win the game, without regard to point spreads, can be done by gambling on their moneyline odds to win. Underdogs will have positive odds, and favorites will be listed in the negative. Positive odds offer payouts higher than the amount risked, while more money that can be won must be bet on negative moneylines.

    Also commonly referred to as totals betting, the third element of a game line is the over/under – the projected total combined points for both NCAAF teams. Gamblers place wagers on the final total points being over or under the projections. Bets result in a push if the total is correct.

    Stat totals, in-game occurrences, and events happening off the field are all included in the spectrum of NCAAF prop bets. Anything game-related that is not a spread, odds to win, or a total can be considered a prop.

    CFP National Champions and conference champions are the most common NCAAF futures options offered online. These are lists of all potential winning teams gathered into a single line with moneyline odds placed on each program's chances of success. Place a bet on the College Football team you think will win the National Championship or their Conference Championship Game, and if they are victorious, so is your wager.

    A parlay is a combination wager that gathers multiple outcomes into a solitary bet. The odds and cash payout potential ascend as more NCAAF bets are added to the parlay due to the increased probability of failure. 

    Before the CFP begins, futures odds will be available for National Championship winners, playoff qualifying programs, and other related prop bets. Once the playoff field has been set, game lines and prop bets will populate online sportsbooks that number in the hundreds.  

    As mentioned before, CFP futures are offered all year long, allowing for betting on the winner of the National Championship Game. Once the CFP semifinals are over, National Championship betting lines and prop bets will become the focus of online football sportsbooks until the game ends.

    Current College Football Odds

    College Football player

    How To Bet On College Football Online

    Before you can start gambling, college football sportsbooks require the creation of an account. We've included a link to all of our best college football betting sites that can be used to investigate each of them before making a final decision on which one to join.

    We ask that players think about creating an account with several of our preferred books because shopping for the best lines becomes possible. Belonging to a single NCAAF sportsbook means you can only gamble on their odds, lines, and props.

    When you are ready to create your football sportsbook membership, click on the URL we've provided and perform the following steps:

    1. At the top of any page within the NCAAF sportsbook, there will be a join button that you’ll need to click to start the account creation process.
    2. You can then enter your details and create a sportsbook login on the next page.
    3. Validate your account via smartphone or email confirmation.
    4. Transfer funds into your football betting account.
    5. Locate the college football betting lines and place a wager.
    6. Watch the game and collect your winnings when it is over.

    Legal College Football Betting Apps

    In our opinion, the best college football, NFL, and UFL betting apps are represented by the sportsbook brands listed on this page. They are not downloadable apps like you may be accustomed to, but they can be pulled up using mobile web browsers installed on any modern Android or Apple device.

    Once accessed, these offshore sportsbook applications behave in a similar manner to downloaded apps with touchscreen navigation that works with all smartphones and tablets. All futures, game lines, prop bets, and other features from the desktop sites can be utilized on their sports betting apps, so users can have all their usual options while mobile.

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    NCAA Football Sportsbook Deposits

    NCAA Football gambling requires depositing funds into sportsbook accounts. The sites we recommend here accept a plethora of banking options for uploading money. Here are some of the most commonly found methods:

    • Credit And Debit Cards – Most major brands are accepted at the offshore football gambling sites we suggest. There are often fees attached to the transaction, which makes them less attractive than other options. Withdrawals cannot be completed via debit or credit card chargebacks.
    • Cryptocurrency – Popular altcoins like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Cardano, Ethereum, and more can be used to deposit funds quickly and securely into sports betting accounts. Because these transactions are not subject to regulatory oversight, uploads are fast and cannot be interrupted or canceled. Bonus cash offers for crypto deposits are often higher than when using USD.
    • Other Options – Bank wire transfers are common at most books we're members with. Gamblers intent on using PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, and other popular cash transfer apps can use them to purchase prepaid sportsbook vouchers over P2P markets. MatchPay is a vendor that connects buyers and sellers of sports betting vouchers and monitors the transaction to completion.







    Apple Pay




    College Football Betting Payouts

    As mentioned earlier, credit and debit cards are not available for withdrawals because chargebacks can only be performed for refunds. That’s not a big deal, as there are plenty of fast-paying sportsbook options to choose from, including the following:

    • Cashier’s Check By Courier – While this method takes several days to process and can only be requested every now and then, it is a solid way of getting paid in US dollars if you have the patience.
    • Selling A Prepaid Sportsbook Voucher – MatchPay is a vendor that takes requests from buyers who want to purchase a prepaid voucher and allows sellers to accept the offer. Payouts can occur instantly using any of the dozens of payment methods that MatchPay accepts.
    • Cryptocurrency Payouts – One of the most consistent and fastest-paying college football payout options is cryptocurrency. Fees are rarely added, and winnings are usually delivered to crypto wallets within 24 hours of the request being approved.

    Legal NCAAF Betting FAQs

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