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How To Bet On United Football League Games

UFL logoIn 2023, the XFL and the USFL combined to form the United Football League (UFL), playing its first season in 2024. Now that spring football seems like it’ll stick around for a while, legal UFL gambling sites are eager to get in on the action and post game lines and championship futures.

If you’d like to know how to bet on UFL games in 2024, this handbook details the vital aspects that you need to know before placing a wager. From local gambling laws, to finding a safe and reliable sports gambling site that pays out fast, the entire gambit is covered in these following sections.

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    Is Sports Betting Legal In The USA?

    legal iconAbsolutely. There are no laws at the federal or state level that outlaw betting on pro football, including the United Football League. There are two primary types of sportsbooks in the United States that are offshore and domestic in their origin.

    Domestic sportsbooks are operated at the state level, and there are only a few holdout states remaining that haven’t legalized sports betting. All that is required to bet on UFL games in a domestic sports betting state is meeting the minimum gambling age and possessing money to wager with.

    Offshore sports betting sites are based overseas and accept UFL wagers over the web from inside the USA. Most accept players at the age of 18 but some are 21+ only. No federal or state laws forbid or mention international gambling sites. According to current law, the gambling takes place where the server is located, which falls outside the jurisdiction of the United States.

    What Is The United Football League?

    The UFL is a pro football league that plays in the spring while the NFL and NCAA Football are dormant. The XFL and USFL (United States Football League) were two competing leagues that merged in 2023 and began play in 2024. The league is made up of the XFL and USFL Divisions and each contains franchises from their prior leagues.

    How To Bet On UFL Games

    Betting on the United Football League works similarly to NFL gambling and other types of football. In the following passages, we detail the most popular UFL bet types and how to read the associated odds.

    All games on the UFL schedule will prompt sportsbooks to create betting lines, also known as game lines. There are three elements of a UFL betting line – the point spread, moneyline odds, and the over/under. These are detailed in the next three sections.

    Handicappers use point spreads to even the playing field from a betting perspective. Favored UFL teams will have points taken away (ex. -7.0) and the underdog will have points added (ex. +7.0). To cover the point spread, the projected winner must win by more than the spread, or the expected loser must lose by less than the spread.

    Remember when you were a kid and bet on which team would win the game. That’s what moneyline odds allow for, but the odds determine how much you’ll get paid. Favored teams will be listed in the negative and will reward less money than the amount of the bet because sportsbooks don’t want to risk much money on a sure winner. The opposite is true for underdogs because books will gladly take money on teams they think will lose.  

    This is the final number in a betting line, and it represents the total points that both UFL teams are projected to score. Bets can be made on the over or under and will win if correct.

    After the game kicks off, the betting can continue at any sportsbook site that allows live game lines. These live lines will be removed at the sportsbook’s discretion but can last as late as the fourth quarter in tight matchups.

    Also known as propositions, these are bets on game or season related items that aren’t contained in game lines or futures. The most common types of UFL props are related to stats for teams or players, but the entire spectrum of the broadcast can be wagered on if the topic commands enough attention from the public.

    Futures involve betting on the team that will win the UFL Championship at the end of the season and can also be created for division winners. All teams that are still in the hunt for the title will remain active in the futures betting line. Moneyline odds will be listed next to each team, and they’ll be ranked in order of their likelihood of winning it all.

    This is when more than one UFL bet is combined. Parlays cannot be won unless all legs are winners. Combining multiple odds into the same bet ups the odds and the resulting payouts, which is attractive to bettors despite the low probability of winning.

    UFL Playoff Betting

    Game lines and props are offered for both UFL Playoff games, which consist of the USFL and XFL Championship Game for each division. Specific game-related odds won’t appear until all teams are known, but futures will be posted during the preseason and remain active until divisions are won.

    UFL Championship Game Betting

    Once the United Football League narrows down to the final two teams, UFL Championship Game betting lines will be posted, along with a fleet of prop bets for all anticipated occurrences. UFL futures allow for betting on league champions in the preseason but will be offline once both divisions are won and the two competing teams are known. Much like when betting on the Super Bowl, UFL title games are sure to inspire a lot of prop bets.

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    UFL Teams & Divisions

    USFL Division

    • Birmingham Stallions
    • Houston Roughnecks
    • Memphis Showboats
    • Michigan Panthers

    XFL Division

    • Arlington Renegades
    • DC Defenders
    • St. Louis Battlehawks
    • San Antonio Brahmas

    United Football League Schedule

    • 2024 Season Begins – March 30, 2024
    • XFL/USFL Championship Game – June 8 and 9, 2024
    • UFL Championship Game – June 16, 2024
    UFL field logo

    How To Create An Account With An Online Sportsbook

    Now that we’ve shown you the finest online UFL sportsbooks accepting members in your state, all that’s left to do to place a bet is to sign up for an account. Here is how to join as a member:

    • Click on any online sportsbook site we list in this guide and press the join button at the top of any page.
    • Type in your name, email address, and any other information required to fill out your account profile.
    • Deposit funds into your sports betting account using any method the site allows.
    • After the money upload is completed, click on the sportsbook button at the top of the page and locate the football or UFL section.
    • Find the UFL odds or point spreads you want to bet on and click it.
    • Enter the amount of money you want to risk in the bet slip and click submit.
    • Watch the UFL game and collect your payout if the bet is a winner.

    Mobile Sports Betting Apps

    Smartphones and tablets across the United States can be used to bet on UFL games. There are many states that regulate sports betting apps that can be downloaded to mobile devices and used to wager on UFL odds if gamblers are of appropriate minimum age to do so.

    Betting on UFL games remotely can be done using offshore sportsbook sites by accessing them through mobile web browser apps. These web-based sports betting apps grant players all the same game lines, props, futures, and other perks that are included on the desktop sportsbook site.

    We prefer offshore sportsbook apps over domestic options because there are no downloads, they permit cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, and offer users the ability to gamble using the same membership across the entire country. Domestic applications are limited to betting within the state that regulates them.

    Sportsbook Deposits

    Each UFL sportsbook that we recommend features a different banking suite for uploading funds. Major credit and debit card brands are accepted but check to see what fees are applicable before committing to that method. US-based lending institutions are notorious for canceling suspected gambling related transactions, so that potential looms when using credit or debit.

    Bank wires and eChecks are less common, but still a solid method of funding your account. They upload within hours and usually have lower fees than credit or debit cards. Cryptocurrency is accepted at all of our favorite books and there are typically not any transactional fees. Most major types are accepted, and deposits are never canceled.

    Sportsbook vouchers can be bought and sold from member to member using any method of payment both parties consent to. MatchPay is a service that connects sportsbook voucher buyers and sellers but they don’t allow as many payment methods as open market sales.







    Apple Pay




    How To Get Paid Your Winnings

    Now that you’re ready to withdraw cash from your UFL betting account, you’ll need to decide which method to receive the funds. Credit and debit cards cannot be used for payouts because that would technically be a chargeback which is reserved for refunds.

    Bank wires, money orders, and cashier’s checks can be used at some sites to get paid in cash, but there are added fees, and the delivery timelines vary. Cryptocurrency almost always arrives in wallets the same day the request was made with no fees attached. Most of our preferred sportsbooks will allow withdrawals by any crypto method they accept for deposit.

    If you want to be in complete control of how you get paid, any site that issues sportsbook vouchers will grant you a code that you can sell to another member. That sale can go down using any method you and the buyer decide on, granting account holders the ability to use PayPal, Apple Pay, and other popular P2P apps to cash out.

    Legal UFL Gambling FAQs

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