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XFL logoThe XFL is now firmly established in the United Football League (UFL), and legal sports gambling sites have taken notice. This guide not only lets readers know our findings on the best XFL gambling sites, but we go through all the details surrounding how to bet on UFL odds, including game lines, futures, and prop bets.

We also cover the legalities of gambling on XFL games in the United States, providing insight into the differences between offshore and domestic betting sites. If you're looking to place an XFL or USFL bet but need a helping hand to get started, this primer is the perfect solution.

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    Top Rated Sportsbook Site For 2024

    Best Online Sportsbooks For XFL Betting in 2024

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    Is It Legal To Bet On XFL Games In The USA?

    legal iconLegal opportunities for betting on the XFL are available in the United States at domestic and offshore sportsbooks. Most US states regulate some form of domestic sports betting, and any of these venues will offer XFL odds to their clients.

    Offshore sportsbook sites are able to accept members in the USA and allow them to bet on XFL games because there are no laws that say they can't. International sportsbook sites operate within regulated gaming districts that fall outside the jurisdiction of state and federal laws. This means that US-based gamblers can join and place an XFL bet without fear of penalty or prosecution.

    How To Bet On XFL Games

    The most common element of XFL gambling is game lines for each contest. XFL game lines are created for all regular season games, the playoffs, and the XFL Championship Game. A standard XFL betting line will include, in this order, the point spread, moneyline odds, and the over/under.

    Each team will be handicapped by oddsmakers so that an even matchup is created. Spreads are set by taking points away from the favored team and granting those points to the underdog. The team that is projected to win will have a negative point spread (ex. -7.5), and the predicted loser will have a spread in the positive (ex. +7.5). Teams can cover the spread by losing by less or winning by more than the points they are handicapped by. The bet is a push if a team wins or loses by the same amount as the spread.

    These are odds that declare the probability of each team winning and let gamblers know how much can be won by betting on them to be victorious. Negative moneylines require more money to be bet than can be won. Positive moneylines pay out more than the total amount wagered.

    The last part of an XFL betting line will be the over/under total. It is a line that oddsmakers have set that allows for betting on the combined score being over or under the total. The bet is a push if the over/under accurately predicts the total. 

    This bet lets gamblers wager on the team that will win the XFL Championship at the end of the season. These lines usually appear a month or two before the onset of the XFL season, with all teams included until they are eliminated from playoff contention. Each XFL team will have moneyline odds that project their likelihood of going all the way.

    This is a catch-all category for any XFL bets that aren’t covered in game lines or futures. Props are mostly centered around stat totals for teams and players, but they can encompass any outcome that happens in an XFL game, including incidents on the sidelines, the stands, or in the broadcast booth.

    Online sportsbooks allow game lines to remain on the boards after each kickoff. In-game betting tends to last into the fourth quarter and is removed or stricken through in the final minutes. The point spread, moneyline, and the over/under can be included, but each sportsbook has its own way of handling in-game betting.

    XFL Playoffs Betting

    There are two XFL Playoff games that precede the Championship. Each Division grants XFL Playoff positions to their top two finishers, with those teams meeting in the postseason, where the winner advances to the XFL Championship Game.

    Betting on the XFL Playoffs entails gambling on betting lines for each semifinal matchup. XFL Playoff odds can also be offered during the season, taking action on XFL Division winners and Wild Card teams. XFL Playoff prop bets are produced for each Division Championship Game, allowing for wagering on anything outside of the point spread, moneyline winner odds, and the over/under.

    Betting On The XFL Championship Game

    When the postseason narrows down to the final two teams, it's time for betting on the XFL Championship Game. This year's big game is being held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, on May 13th. Online football gambling sites are already taking action on current XFL Championship odds and props that can payout on any football-related outcome.

    Whether you want to gamble on point spreads, moneyline odds, the over/under, prop bets, or futures, the online XFL sportsbooks listed here are the only sites you need to visit. You can even bet on the XFL Championship while the game is ongoing, with in-play betting lines that can last until the fourth quarter.

    Once the game is over, check back with online football gambling sites because futures on the following year’s champions will be offered for most of the preseason.

    2024 XFL Betting Odds

    XFL Teams & Divisions

    XFL South Division

    • Arlington Renegades
    • Houston Roughnecks
    • Orlando Guardians
    • San Antonio Brahmas

    XFL North Division

    • DC Defenders (Washington, D.C.)
    • Seattle Sea Dragons
    • St. Louis Battlehawks
    • Vegas Vipers

    Signing Up With A Legal XFL Betting Site

    Becoming a member of an XFL betting site is an easy process that can be completed within minutes. We highly recommend all of the online gambling sites listed here and suggest you consider joining more than one so that you can shop around for the best XFL odds on the boards.

    The membership process begins with clicking on the "join" or "join now" button at the top of any page within the sportsbook. From there, they'll request the information they need to create your account profile and will require some form of verification via your smartphone or email.

    Once verified, the next step is to deposit cash into your account. Deposits can be made using a variety of today's most popular methods, including credit/debit cards, cryptocurrency, bank wires, and more. Once your account is funded with betting cash, new members can find XFL betting odds inside the football section of the sportsbook or in a section labeled XFL.

    XFL Betting Apps

    Some US states regulate domestic sports betting apps that can be downloaded to smartphones or tablets and used to place bets on XFL odds, legally bet on NFL games, or wager on other popular football leagues. The offshore sportsbooks we endorse here don't need to be downloaded because they can be accessed through mobile web applications like Google, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari, and others.

    Even though these apps operate through the web, they look and feel just like other applications you’re accustomed to. XFL odds fill the screens of popular Apple and Android mobile devices from anywhere with a web connection in the USA. Nothing is off limits, as the entire XFL sportsbook is ported to the mobile version.

    Funding Your Online Sportsbook Account

    The offshore gambling sites that we do business with accept most major credit and debit cards and cryptocurrency, with some allowing for bank wire and person-to-person deposits. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and others are convenient, but there are added fees, and transaction times are not immediate.

    We almost always deposit with cryptocurrency at legal XFL, NFL, & NCAAF gambling sites because there are no added fees, and uploads are practically instant. Sportsbook sites prefer depositing with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and other altcoins. That's why they extend higher bonuses to crypto deposits. Crypto is also the most secure option offered, with robust security that is unrivaled in the online gambling industry.







    Apple Pay




    Withdrawing Your XFL Gambling Winnings

    When you go to make a withdrawal from your sportsbook account, you’ll notice that credit and debit cards are not an option. Legal sports gambling sites cannot issue payouts via credit and debit card chargebacks. The most common form of withdrawing in US dollars are cashier’s checks delivered by courier and bank wires.

    Cryptocurrency is once again the superior banking method as they arrive in wallets inside of 24 hours. P2P vendors are accepted at some sites that allow third-party apps like Cash App, PayPal, and Venmo to be used for withdrawals, but there are fees attached. There are never any fees added to crypto payouts.

    Legal XFL Betting FAQs

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