Betting On Super Bowl Odds At Legal Gambling Sites

LVIII logoOnce the NFL Playoffs are over, betting on the National Football League reaches its peak during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. If you are new to betting on Super Bowl odds at legal gambling sites, this guide has been specially created to inform readers about the options available online.

The following sections let you know where to gamble on Super Bowl odds legally, and which sites have the best reputation in the NFL betting industry. Don’t bet on the big game without proper preparation. Win big betting on Super Bowl 58 at a legal gambling site by following the guidelines set forth in this playbook.

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    Top Rated Sportsbook Site For 2024

    Best Super Bowl LVIII Betting Sites For 2024

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    Legally Betting On Super Bowl 58

    Both Conference Championship Games are over, so now it is time for Super Bowl gambling across the United States. This time, Super Bowl 58 features a rematch of SB LIV between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Super Bowl betting lines are on the boards at our favorite sports gambling sites, and the pregame point spreads favor the 49ers by 2.

    If you want to legally gamble on Super Bowl odds in the USA, there are a number of sportsbooks that will accept your bets. We prefer offshore over domestic options, and our rationale is detailed in other sections on this page. If you want to see why the sites we recommend are the best venues for online Super Bowl betting, click on any link featured here to be taken directly to their sportsbook for a tour.

    Is It Legal To Bet On The Super Bowl?

    legal iconAt least some form of legally betting on the Super Bowl is available to gamblers across the entire United States. There are domestic and international sportsbooks that offer Super Bowl odds. Here’s the difference between the two.

    Domestic: State-regulated sportsbooks are offered in over 30 US territories and have the potential to spread to the entire USA within a few years' time. If you are in a state that regulates sports betting, you can bet on the Super Bowl legally as long as you meet the minimum gambling age, which ranges from 18 to 21.

    Offshore: International gambling sites can accept members in the USA because they exist outside of federal and state gambling laws. They are licensed by foreign gambling commissions and operate out of legal betting jurisdictions. Combined, the sports betting sites that we recommend for Super Bowl gambling cover the entire country.

    How To Bet On Super Bowl 58

    Most Super Bowl odds focus on the team that will eventually hoist the Lombardi Trophy, but there are many ways in which online gamblers can get in on the championship NFL odds. Here’s what members can find when betting on the Super Bowl online.

    Super Bowl game lines pair the AFC and NFC Champions once their respective Conferences have been won. NFL betting lines resemble game lines from other major pro and college sports. They possess, in this order, a point spread, moneyline odds for betting on the winning team, and the over/under total. These Super Bowl betting options are detailed further in the following sections.

    Handicapping each Super Bowl team grants points to the franchise expected to lose and takes them away from the projected winner. Oddsmakers do this to create an even playing field from a betting perspective. To cover the spread at the Super Bowl, teams must win by more than the margin or lose by less.

    Moneyline odds are offered on any winning option. Moneylines are provided for each team in a Super Bowl betting line. The team with the lowest odds is the favorite. More money must be bet than can be won on negative Super Bowl odds ($1.75 bet on -175 nets a $1 win), while positive moneylines reward more than what is wagered ($1 bet on +250 will gain $2.50).

    The total number offered at the end of a betting line for the Super Bowl is the amount of points both NFL teams are expected to score. To win a Super Bowl over/under bet, a correct wager must be placed on the side of the total the final score falls on.

    Super Bowl props cover all in-game outcomes that are not included in SB betting lines. This includes Super Bowl player props and team odds for accumulated stats and achievements, MVP odds, the National Anthem, Halftime Show, coin toss, commercials, and more. Each outcome will feature SB moneyline odds to be wagered on. 

    NFL futures lists all teams that remain alive for the NFL Playoffs and places them in the order of most to least likely to win the Super Bowl. Moneylines are granted to each team that projects their odds of winning the Super Bowl. These lines can be wagered before the current season’s Super Bowl has concluded. 

    A parlay is when you combine more than one bet into a single wager to increase the odds for a higher payout. You may have to hunt around a bit or get creative to make a Super Bowl parlay happen, but some sites offer same-game parlays on the big game. This will likely include some combination of prop bet and a part of the Super Bowl game line.

    What Are The Odds On The Super Bowl?

    LVIII ball

    When Is The Super Bowl?

    Super Bowl LVIII (58) will be played at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday, February 11th, 2024.

    What Time Is The Super Bowl?

    Super Bowl 58 (LVIII) will kick off on CBS at 6:30 PM on February 11, 2024. Super Bowl coverage will be offered throughout the day on most cable and streaming sports outlets.

    Who Is Singing The Super Bowl 58 National Anthem?

    The Star-Spangled Banner will be performed by country music legend Reba McEntire at Super Bowl LVIII. In addition, Post Malone will sing America the Beautiful, and Andra Day will sing Lift Every Voice and Sing.

    Who Is The Performer For The Super Bowl Halftime Show?

    Pop music and R&B icon Usher will be performing a setlist of his top hits during the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show. SB Halftime prop bets are taking action now on which song he will sing first, what Usher will wear, and more.

    2023-24 NFL Schedule

    • August 3, 2023: Start Of NFL Preseason
    • September 7, 2023: NFL Regular Season Begins
    • January 13-15, 2024: NFL Playoffs Wild Card Round
    • January 20-21, 2024: NFL Playoffs Divisional Round
    • January 28, 2024: AFC & NFC Championship Games
    • February 11, 2024: Super Bowl LVIII
    NFL Schedule

    How To Sign Up With An Offshore Super Bowl Sportsbook

    We've provided a list with links to the top legal sports gambling sites on the web that accept US members. All that remains for you to do is check each of them out and decide where you want to create an account. Here's how to get it done within a few minutes.

    • Once at the online gambling site, press the “join” button at the top of the homepage.
    • Fill out your account profile information and create a secure sportsbook login.
    • Deposit money into your sports betting account.
      • Consider enhancing your first deposit by accepting a sportsbook bonus offer that will match the total by a percentage and let you use it to gamble on Super Bowl odds.
      • Think about using Bitcoin or another accepted cryptocurrency for its numerous benefits, including fast transactions that are completed securely.
    • Find the NFL betting section of the sportsbook and wager on Super Bowl odds immediately.

    Super Bowl LVIII Betting Apps

    Gambling on the Super Bowl using your smartphone or tablet is incredibly convenient and a great way to stay in the action when you're away from home. While domestic sportsbook apps are available in some states, they don't compare to what's offered on mobile devices from our top gambling sites listed here.

    The first advantage these offshore mobile options hold over local apps is that you don't have to download them. The NFL and UFL betting sites listed here can be accessed using mobile web browsers (Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Google, etc.). Just click any sportsbook link on this page using your Apple or Android device to see what we mean.

    Using your fingertips, Super Bowl bets can be made on the fly from any location in the USA with a connection to the web. Mobile players can remotely wager on Super Bowl odds using any current web-connect device as long as the minimum age to participate is met.

    Deposits – How To Bet Money On The Super Bowl

    To win money betting on the Super Bowl, you must risk some of your own. That means a deposit must be made into your online sportsbook account before any wagers on Super Bowl odds can happen. This can be done in numerous ways, and it all comes down to personal preference.

    Here are some of the options you'll find when depositing into an online sportsbook:

    Credit And Debit Cards: Super Bowl betting deposits can be made using most popular branded cards like Visa, American Express, Master Card, and Discover. We do not prefer this method because the sportsbook and the card companies charge fees.

    Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies can be used to fund your sportsbook account quickly and securely. There are usually no fees involved with crypto deposits, and transactions are completed within an hour at most books. Higher dollar sportsbook bonus offers are typically presented to cryptocurrency bettors compared to US dollar uploads.

    Bank Wires: Some NFL betting sites will accept a bank wire transfer. Fees are involved from both the institution and the betting site, with transaction times usually taking less than an hour.

    Sportsbook Vouchers: Some Super Bowl betting sites permit payouts in vouchers that can be sold to other members to use for depositing. You can purchase gambling vouchers from another member directly or via MatchPay. These transactions are beneficial because they let you deposit using whatever method you choose. Voucher dollars always upload immediately.

    Super Bowl Betting Payouts

    Many of the same methods mentioned for depositing are also available for withdrawals, save for credit and debit cards. Bank wire deposits are also rare and can be canceled by any US banking institution if they suspect it is coming from a sports betting site.

    Cryptocurrency payouts are the most hassle-free, with transactions completing within the same 24-hour period they were requested. Crypto withdrawals are also the most secure, with blockchain processing that is impossible to crack and online anonymity. Any altcoin accepted for deposit will also be a part of their payout suite.

    To withdraw your Super Bowl betting winnings using any method you choose, you can purchase sportsbook vouchers from another member. These sales can be arranged personally in the forums or through MatchPay, an outside party that will mediate the exchange.

    Legal Super Bowl 58 Betting FAQs

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