Legal NFL Betting In 2024

NFL backgroundNFL betting lines are the most popular options at legal sports gambling sites, which coincides with the National Football League being the most watched sport in America. Legal NFL betting is available anywhere that law-abiding sportsbooks exist, and we're here to direct readers toward the best pro football gambling sites on the web.

We also cover why offshore NFL betting sites are legal to use in the United States and which online sportsbooks players should consider joining. Find out how and where to place legal NFL bets from any state in the country by digesting this walkthrough.

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    Top Rated Sportsbook Site For 2024

    Best NFL Betting Sites For 2024

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    3MyBookie Sportsbook50% Max $1,0004.3
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    Legally Gambling On Super Bowl 58 Odds

    The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will meet in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, NV, on February 11th. The pregame betting lines favor the 49ers by 2 points, suggesting they'll win their sixth Lombardi Trophy and pull into an all-time tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots.

    Online gambling sites are open for business and accepting wagers on Super Bowl odds across the country. We prefer offshore sports betting sites when gambling on the Super Bowl because they accept cryptocurrency, offer sizable sportsbook bonuses, and feature live game lines that often stay open into the fourth quarter. Click on any sportsbook link we've included here to see why these sites are better than domestic options in your state.

    Is NFL Betting Online Legal?

    legal iconYes, betting on the NFL online is legal and can be done at offshore and domestic sports gambling sites. Any legal betting venue will include NFL gambling odds because it is the most popular viewing and wagering sport year after year.

    Placing a legal NFL bet at a domestic sportsbook can be done by anyone inside a state that regulates sports gambling who has reached the local minimum gambling age.

    Offshore NFL betting sites can legally accept gamblers inside the USA and let them place wagers on pro football odds online. The United States does not govern international gambling sites, and federal laws cannot stop them from allowing Americans to bet on the NFL over the web.

    How To Bet On NFL Games

    Betting on NFL games includes wagering on more than winners and losers. Below, we detail the most common NFL bets that gamblers will encounter when surfing the pro football odds.

    Every NFL game from the start of the preseason until the Super Bowl will feature a football betting line at any sportsbook we recommend. Each NFL game line includes three items that can be bet on – the point spread, the moneyline, and the over-under. Each betting item is mutually exclusive and is detailed further in the following sections.

    Winning a point spread bet involves gambling on the favored team to win by more than the spread or the losing team losing by less than the spread. This is also called covering the spread or winning against the spread. The NFL bet is a push if the final point differential and the point spread are identical. Favored teams will have negative spreads, and underdogs will have positive spreads. Frequently, spreads will be fractional, which means a push is impossible.

    Betting on a given NFL team to win a game can be done by wagering on moneyline odds. Like spreads, underdogs will have positive odds, and favorites will have negative money lines. Underdog moneyline bets are attractive to gamblers because they win more than the wager amount.

    The total points that NFL oddsmakers believe both teams will combine to score is represented by the over-under. Winning bets will be placed on the side of the over/under that the final score falls on. These NFL odds can also be fractional, meaning a push cannot occur.

    Team and player prop bets for stats and superlatives are what most propositions involve, but they can include outcomes for any on or off-the-field conclusion. NFL props are popular because wins can occur at any point in the game. Most of our top sports gambling sites include prop builder apps that let customers create custom parlays using hundreds of different betting lines.

    These are NFL betting lines where gamblers can wager on the winners of Divisions, Conferences, and the Super Bowl. NFL teams will remain active in futures lines until they can no longer win the given outcome. Moneyline odds will be offered for each franchise that will alter as the season progresses.

    A parlay is betting on several things to happen inside of the same wager. If all NFL bets in the parlay succeed, then the parlay wins. Adding more outcomes to a parlay will up the odds and payouts, making for huge profits on a small wager. NFL sportsbooks will limit the amount of bets that can be included in a football parlay.

    Every game in the postseason will feature betting lines and prop bets for NFL Playoff games. There are also futures for division winners that predict top NFL Playoff teams and AFC and NFC Conference Championship odds that take action on all eligible contenders.

    Betting on the Super Bowl is always the biggest gambling event of the year. Odds number in the thousands and cover all routine and mundane activities that happen each before, during, and after the game. For thousands of Americans, the only time they place a bet each year is on the Super Bowl, and a lot of that has to do with the simplicity of Super Bowl prop bets and how they keep paying out all game long.

    Current NFL Betting Odds

    NFL Teams and logo

    NFL Teams & Divisions

    2023-24 NFL Schedule

    • August 3, 2023: Start Of NFL Preseason
    • September 7, 2023: NFL Regular Season Begins
    • January 13-15, 2024: NFL Playoffs Wild Card Round
    • January 20-21, 2024: NFL Playoffs Divisional Round
    • January 28, 2024: AFC & NFC Championship Games
    • February 11, 2024: Super Bowl LVIII
    NFL Schedule

    How To Sign Up With An Online Sportsbook

    There are a few easy steps to signing up with a legal online sports betting site:

    • Locate the join button at the top of the page and click it
    • Enter the info required to create an account and submit
    • Make a deposit into your online bankroll
      • Consider cryptocurrency and Bitcoin (BTC) for the fastest and most secure transactions available.
      • Don’t forget to investigate the deposit bonus offers that are available at each sportsbook site
    • Visit the sportsbook and place your bets!

    The Best NFL Betting Apps

    While the domestic market is focused on downloadable gambling apps, we prefer the mobile NFL sportsbooks that are offered by the sites mentioned here. Why? They can be accessed on the fly without a download by clicking on any NFL gambling site link we present here on this page.

    Every NFL betting line, sportsbook bonus offer, and casino game (where available) can be pulled up on all major Apple and Android smartphones and tablets so that pro football wagers can be placed from anywhere with an internet connection in the USA.

    While the entire country is collectively covered by our favorite mobile NFL betting apps, some exclude certain states from membership. Just make sure you're in a state where members are accepted before signing up. These apps can be used to bet on any football league you can find lines for, including XFL betting, NCAAF betting, UFL betting, and even FCF betting options.

    Depositing Funds Into Your Sports Betting Account

    The banking options for funding accounts at NFL gambling sites include traditional methods, money transfer services, and cryptocurrency. If you prefer credit or debit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover), they're accepted, but fees are attached, and chargebacks cannot be issued for payouts.

    We prefer cryptocurrency because their transactions are the most secure in the industry. They are also ungoverned, so there is no chance that regulation will interrupt deposits. Cryptocurrency deposits do not have any additional fees and transfer almost instantly.

    Popular altcoins accepted for NFL betting deposits include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Dogecoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, USD Coin, Solana, and more!

    Withdrawing Your NFL Gambling Winnings

    As mentioned earlier, withdrawing with credit and debit cards is not possible. Payouts in USD can be requested via cashier's checks, bank wire transfers, vouchers, and third-party money transfer services. Person-to-person vendors also allow USD and cryptocurrency withdrawals through a variety of means.

    Cryptocurrency sports betting withdrawals still reign supreme over all other payout methods due to their expediency (usually less than 24 hours), online security, and lack of any added fees.

    Some person-to-person companies allow withdrawals using third-party vendors like PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Cash App..

    FAQs For Legal NFL Bets

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