Legally Gambling On NFL Playoff Odds

How To Bet On NFL Playoff Odds

Each January, the National Football League's postseason begins, sending legal gambling sites into a frenzy of activity, creating game lines, prop bets, and updating their championship futures odds. If you want to learn about options for legally gambling on NFL Playoff odds in the USA, keep reading this guide for the best and most up to date info.

We’ve compiled a list of the best NFL gambling sites offering betting lines on playoff games, prop bets, and more. We cover all vital aspects of what these NFL playoff sportsbooks offer their customers and also delve into the bet types offered.

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Best NFL Playoffs Betting Sites For 2023

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1Bovada Logo75% Max $7504.5
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2BetUS Logo125% Max $3,1254.4
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3MyBookie Sportsbook50% Max $1,0004.3
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4BetOnline Logo50% Max $1,0004.2
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5XBet Sportsbook50% Max $5004.1
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Is It Legal To Place NFL Playoff Bets?

Yes, no matter where you are standing in the United States, some form of legal NFL Playoff gambling is available to you. Most states regulate domestic sportsbooks that will let you bet on NFL Playoff odds if you meet the local minimum gambling age. These domestic gambling venues offer services over the web, on mobile devices, and in person.

The legal sports gambling sites that we prefer and have ranked the highest here base their operations offshore and are not governed by state or federal laws. That means NFL gamblers in the USA can join an offshore sportsbook and bet on football odds without violating laws or getting into trouble.


How To Bet On NFL Playoff Games

An NFL Playoff betting line will be posted for all 12 postseason games each year. These NFL Playoff game lines include point spreads that handicap each franchise by adding or removing points, moneyline odds that allow for betting on straight winners, and over/under totals that permit wagers on if both teams combine to score over or under the line. 

Here is an example of an NFL Playoff betting line:

Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs

  • Point Spread: Bills +5.0, Chiefs -5.0
  • Moneyline: Bills +200, Chiefs -140
  • Over/Under: 56.5

Betting on the Bills or the Chiefs to cover the spread means that wagers are placed on the team in the negative winning by more than the margin, or in the positive losing by less than the margin.

The moneyline odds let gamblers wager on the team that will win the game. The team with higher NFL odds is the underdog and will payout at more than the amount wagered. A $1 bet on the Bills to win will result in a payout of $3. A bet of $1.40 must be made on the Chiefs to gain a dollar.

Betting on NFL totals, or the over/under, means you're wagering whether both teams will score above or below the proposed total. Winning an over bet requires the Bills and Chiefs to score 57 or more points combined. Winning an under bet means that KC and Buffalo's total combined points were 56 or under.

Any bets will result in a push if a point spread or over/under total is accurate.

Any in-game stat or occurrence that can be spotted on the telecast can cause the creation of NFL Playoff props. NFL Playoff bets that are not part of a game line or futures can be considered a prop. Most NFL props are based on player and team stats.

Here is an example of an NFL prop bet for a playoff game.

Most Passing Yards

  • Josh Allen +220
  • Patrick Mahomes -180

NFL gamblers can bet on the player they believe will have the most passing yards between the two starting QBS. If they are correct, the wager is a winner. The moneyline odds associated with each outcome determine the probability of success and the amount of money that can be won.

A parlay is when more than one outcome is combined into the same bet. Winning requires all NFL Playoff parlay picks to succeed because if any bets fail, the entire wager fails. NFL parlays can be created by combining point spreads, moneyline odds to win, over/under bets, props, and more.

The reason that NFL parlays are popular is that when a leg is added, it increases the odds and payouts. Each NFL sportsbook has unique rules regarding how many legs they'll allow in a parlay bet. These playoff wagers can result in huge wins without risking much of your own bankroll.

In-game betting means that game lines can be wagered on after the kickoff of any NFL playoff contest. In most cases, live betting lines remain online until late into the fourth quarter, allowing gamblers to bet at the time of their choosing.

After kickoff of any NFL Playoff game, enter one of the online sportsbooks we recommend, and you'll find live betting lines featured in the center column of the page. Betting works the same as it does during pregame, but the odds will shift as the contest ebbs and flows.

Current NFL Playoff Odds

2023 NFL Division Odds

🏈 odds via Bovada

NFL Division Odds 

AFC East Odds

  • Buffalo Bills +115
  • Miami Dolphins +280
  • New York Jets +280
  • New England Patriots +800

AFC North Odds

  • Cincinnati Bengals +115
  • Baltimore Ravens +250
  • Cleveland Browns +375
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +600

AFC South Odds

  • Jacksonville Jaguars -185
  • Tennessee Titans +450
  • Indianapolis Colts +500
  • Houston Texans +800

AFC West Odds

  • Kansas City Chiefs -185
  • Los Angeles Chargers +300
  • Denver Broncos +625
  • Las Vegas Raiders +1250

NFC East Odds

  • Philadelphia Eagles -120
  • Dallas Cowboys +190
  • New York Giants +675
  • Washington Commanders +1100

NFC North Odds

  • Detroit Lions +135
  • Minnesota Vikings +275
  • Green Bay Packers +375
  • Chicago Bears +400

NFC South Odds

  • New Orleans Saints +125
  • Atlanta Falcons +225
  • Carolina Panthers +325
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +800

NFC West Odds

  • San Francisco 49ers -175
  • Seattle Seahawks +225
  • Los Angeles Rams +750
  • Arizona Cardinals +2500
Preseason NFL Playoff Odds For Each Team

🏈 odds via Bovada

Make the Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals

  • Yes +900
  • No -2900

To Make the Playoffs - Atlanta Falcons

  • Yes +115
  • No -150

To Make the Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens

  • Yes -165
  • No +125

To Make the Playoffs - Buffalo Bills

  • Yes -250
  • No +185

To Make the Playoffs - Carolina Panthers

  • Yes +190
  • No -260

To Make the Playoffs - Chicago Bears

  • Yes +150
  • No -200

To Make the Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals

  • Yes -350
  • No +245

To Make the Playoffs - Cleveland Browns

  • Yes EVEN
  • No -130

To Make the Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys

  • Yes -215
  • No +160

To Make the Playoffs - Denver Broncos

  • Yes +170
  • No -230

To Make the Playoffs - Detroit Lions

  • Yes -170
  • No +130

To Make the Playoffs - Green Bay Packers

  • Yes +170
  • No -230

To Make the Playoffs - Houston Texans

  • Yes +550
  • No -1000

To Make the Playoffs - Indianapolis Colts

  • Yes +300
  • No -450

To Make the Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Yes -230
  • No +170

To Make the Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs

  • Yes -600
  • No +375

To Make the Playoffs - Las Vegas Raiders

  • Yes +320
  • No -475

To Make the Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers

  • Yes -115
  • No -115

To Make the Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams

  • Yes +225
  • No -310

To Make the Playoffs - Miami Dolphins

  • Yes -130
  • No EVEN

To Make the Playoffs - Minnesota Vikings

  • Yes EVEN
  • No -130

To Make the Playoffs - New England Patriots

  • Yes +200
  • No -275

To Make the Playoffs - New Orleans Saints

  • Yes -170
  • No +130

To Make the Playoffs - New York Giants

  • Yes +130
  • No -170

To Make the Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles

  • Yes -450
  • No +300

To Make the Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Yes +125
  • No -165

To Make the Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers

  • Yes -450
  • No +300

To Make the Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks

  • Yes -135
  • No +105

To Make the Playoffs - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Yes +350
  • No -550

To Make the Playoffs - Tennessee Titans

  • Yes +225
  • No -310

To Make the Playoffs - Washington Commanders

  • Yes +240
  • No -340

How To Bet On NFL Playoffs Odds Online

You can place bets with our recommended sportsbooks immediately after becoming a member. This is a simple process that we will outline below, but we do want to recommend that you sign up at more than one sportsbook.

When you belong to multiple NFL betting sites, you can shop around and see which playoff odds are offered on each game or team. One bookmaker may be paying out twice as much for the same outcome, but limiting your options will keep you from being able to access the most favorable odds.

We invite you to read through each sports gambling site we recommend and then decide which sites you want to join. Here is the process for creating an account:

  1. Click on any sportsbook listed here that you intend to join.
  2. Locate the join or join now button at the top of any page inside the NFL Playoff gambling site and press it.
  3. Submit the requested information, create a secure sportsbook login, and verify your account using your smartphone or email address.
  4. Make your first NFL gambling deposit and consider accepting an optional sportsbook bonus cash offer that will match a portion of your deposit.
  5. Once your NFL betting account is funded with cash, click on the sportsbook section of the website and then find the subsection labeled NFL or Football.
  6. Place a bet on an NFL Playoff game or prop bet and collect your winnings when it pays out.

How To Bet On NFL Playoffs Legally

In order to ensure that you are placing an NFL bet with a legal and reputable sportsbook, locate the licensing and jurisdictional credentials located on their website. A legit domestic NFL sportsbook will feature a USA address and licensing from the state they operate within.

Offshore NFL sportsbooks will also offer their licensing credentials on their site, either at the bottom of the homepage, within the terms and conditions, or both. Placement inside a regulated gambling district and possession of a license to operate from a respected authority ensures routine auditing and inspections from third parties.

Any sports betting website that we list here and recommend for NFL gambling operates within regulated international districts with routine certification on a similar level to that of Vegas casinos. We ask that readers investigate these credentials personally by clicking on any sportsbook link we’ve provided here.

Best NFL Playoff Betting Apps For 2023

Bovada Legal Sports Gambling App

NFL Playoff games take up most of the sports betting oxygen during January and are cause for celebrations amongst friends and strangers at parties, restaurants, and dive bars. Just because fans are mobile doesn't mean that NFL Playoff bets cannot be placed – enter mobile NFL betting apps for the Hail Mary win.

Any of the online NFL Playoffs gambling sites listed here can be accessed using iPhones, iPads, and Android devices connected to the web. Just click and bet from any of the gambling sites we prefer, with no need to download an app.

These web-based apps allow users to bet on NFL Playoff odds using mobile web browsers like Opera, Safari, and any other popular software that enable users to surf the net. Click on any link we've provided here using your mobile device to try them out for yourself.

Sportsbook Deposits

When it comes to betting on the NFL Playoffs, it's put up or shut up. Roughly translated – it takes money to make money when NFL Playoff betting, so you must upload funds to your account before any real money wagers can be placed on postseason games.

Here are some examples of deposit options for using US dollars:

  • Credit/Debit Cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover
  • Bank Wire Transfers
  • Person-To-Person Voucher Purchases And Player Transfers (these allow players to use popular P2P apps such as Venmo, Paypal, Cash App, Zelle, Apple Pay, etc)

While USD methods are often the most convenient for online gamblers, we ask that readers consider depositing with cryptocurrency. The benefits include higher sportsbook bonus offers, faster transactions, and ultra-secure deposits. Here are some of the most popular altcoins accepted at the sportsbooks we recommend:

  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, Binance Coin, Ripple, Stellar, Solana, Tron, USD Coin, and more.







Apple Pay




Withdrawing Winnings Made From NFL Playoff Bets

After you've won a few NFL Playoff bets, it's time to collect your winnings. The first thing you'll notice upon requesting a withdrawal is that there are much fewer options available. This is because credit and debit cards are ineligible for chargebacks, thus removing them from the available sportsbook withdrawal methods list.

The most popular methods for getting paid in USD are:

  • Bank Wire Transfers
  • Cashier’s Checks (delivered by courier)
  • Sportsbook Vouchers And Person-To-Person Voucher Sales And Player Transfers (allow you to withdraw your payouts via Venmo, Paypal, Cash App, Zelle, Apple Pay, And Other Popular P2P Apps)

Selling a prepaid voucher is the only way to get paid instantly in US dollars. Most other methods take a minimum of 48 hours to process.

The fastest-paying sportsbooks offer cryptocurrency withdrawals that can be completed within 24 hours. In most cases, any altcoin that is accepted for deposits is also offered for payouts. There are never any fees attached to crypto withdrawals, making them the premier sportsbook banking option going today.

FAQs For Betting On NFL Playoff Odds

What does it mean to have the best NFL Playoff odds?

Generally speaking, possessing the best NFL Playoff odds means a given team has the best chance to win their division, conference, or the Super Bowl. Their moneyline odds to win are lower than any other 31 NFL teams or teams included in their conference or division.

Can I bet on which teams make the NFL Playoffs each year?

Yes. There are prop bets that take action on each team's chances of making the playoffs, with options for wagering on yes or no. NFL Division futures can also be bet on in the preseason and onward.

How to bet on NFL Playoff brackets

This is similar to March Madness betting in that gamblers must complete an NFL Playoff bracket from start to finish, and the entrant with the most correct picks or total points at the end wins.

How many teams make the NFL Playoffs?

14 teams are included in the NFL Playoffs – 7 teams from each conference. The four division winners in each conference take up the top four seeds, with the final three seeds going to the next best three NFL franchises in the NFC and AFC.

When do NFL Playoffs start?

After the eighteen-week NFL regular season is over, the playoffs begin in early January. The NFL Playoffs last three weeks, with a break between Conference Championship Weekend and the Super Bowl.

How do NFL Playoffs work?

During Wild Card Weekend, seeds 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6, and 4 vs. 5 play each other in the AFC and NFC Playoff brackets. The lowest remaining seed after Wild Card Weekend will play the #1 seed in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, with the other two remaining franchises facing off. The final two remaining teams in each conference will play in the AFC and NFC Championship Games, with the winners advancing to the Super Bowl.

How to watch NFL Playoffs games

Once the NFL Playoffs begin, all games are broadcast across the country for free on network television. NFL Playoff games are scheduled so that they do not overlap, and each contest features an exclusive national audience.

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